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Samay's Store. The best place to sell unwanted goods for Cash!
Power Tools

Dewalt, Makita Milwaukee Snap-On.


Tvs, Speakers, Home audio.


Original shoes and clothing, new and used.


Laptops, Tablets, Unlocked iPhones, Speakers.

Gaming System

Play Station, Xbox, Nintendo, Games.

And More...

Musical Instruments, Gift Cards, Bikes...

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We are going to give you a cordial treatment and a fair evaluation of your items.

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What We Sell

Apple computers, Tablets, Iphones, Apple Watchs, Airpods, Speakers, Smart Tv, Audio System, Android Tablets, Laptos.
hybrid, hybrid bicycles, bike
Bikes, Scooters, Skateboard...
tools, logo, work equipment
Power Tools.
coupon, gift voucher, map
We buy Gift Cards...
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